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ABCYA: Are you looking for the best Kids games from ABCYA? Then you are at the right place where you can find interesting games for kids under Ages 6 to 8. Here is the best source for both smartphone and desktop users to let their kids have fun all the time. ABCya Games is the one recommended stop for every parent to check out the games listed in it. Go through the information provided below with regards to ABCya Games. know detailed information on from here.

What is ABCya Games | Abcya Computer Games @

ABCya Games is an educational game aid and activity for school-aged children which available for desktop, Android, and iOS devices. All the list of games provided on this website or store is categorized into grade levels from pre-kindergarten to 5th Grade ABCya Games. Not only into a number of Grades, these were also subcategorized into letters, numbers, holidays and weekly games. was found by Alan Tortolani, a public school teacher in the year 2004 who did not have enough amount to purchase new software for his student computer lab. He registered a domain with as it is specially designed for Children.



Features of ABCya Games:

  • Allows you to download and install ABCya Games for desktop or Android or iOS device.
  • 250+ games and activities are available under ABCya Games category.
  • The developers of ABCya Games always add fresh content monthly.
  • Allows you to browse games by using Grade level Category.
  • Content displayed on will be organized by Skill.
  • ABCya games provides games without displaying any ads on your device screen( Ad free application).

The domain name was chosen by Alan to make its URL simple and easy to browse on the web. ABCya games name was chosen as it represents kids games under age 6 to 8 years. was well developed and published with a number of games for iPhone and iPad that include Math Bingo, Create a Car, Word Clouds, Counting Money, Kindergarten Bingo, ABCya animates etc. Being the best source for Kids games has won Parents Choice Award and ABCya! The animated app has won a Parents Choice Silver Honor Award.

Grades in ABCya Games:

Today ABCya Games is the most well known educational label for Kids under 8 years. Now has reached over 100 million+ players logging annually. Here is the list of grades available in ABCya Games for children which you need to check out from the list published below.

a) Pre Grade K Games:

b) Grade K Games

c) 1st Grade ABCyaGames

d) 2nd Grade ABCya Games

e) 3rd Grade ABCya Games:

f) 4th Grade ABCya Games

g) 5th Grade ABCya Games

All the categories of educational Kindergarten games for Kids under 8 years are again subcategorized as stated below.

1) Preschool Word Games:

  • ABC & 123 Magnets
  • All about me
  • Alphabet BINGO
  • Alphabet Bubble
  • Alphabet Slider Puzzle
  • Alphabetical Order
  • Connect the Dots ABC
  • Letter, and Number Tracking
  • Molly’s Magic Adventure
  • Monster Mansion- Letter Match and
  • Talk to Me Alphabet

2) Preschool Math Games:

  • 100 Snowballs!
  • Birthday Candle Counting
  • Connect the Dots
  • Counting Fish
  • Fuzz Bugs- Counting, Sorting, & Comparing
  • Monster Mansion- Number Match
  • Number BINGO
  • Patterns

3) Preschool Holiday Games:

  • Christmas Lights
  • Christmas Tree Fun
  • Make a Christmas Tree
  • Make a Gingerbread House
  • Make a Pumpkin
  • Make a Snowman
  • Make an Easter Egg
  • Pumpkin Carving
  • Super Santa Junior
  • Valentine’s Day Puzzle

4) Preschool Skill Games:

  • Color, Draw & Paint
  • Magic Mirror Paint
  • Make Backpack
  • Make a Cake
  • Make a Christmas Tree
  • Make a Cookie
  • Make a Cupcake
  • Make a Face!
  • Make a House
  • Make a Pizza
  • Make an Ice Cream
  • Monster Mansion- Shape Match
  • Same and Different
  • Shape Patterns
  • Shapes & Colors BINGO
  • Shapes | Geometry
  • Sound Burst
  • Take a Trip! Jr
  • Take a Trip: Food Groups Jr

5) Preschool Strategy Games:

  • Andy’s Golf 2
  •  COIN
  • Cake Topping
  • Flappy Dragon Jr
  • Golf
  • Jelly Collapse
  • Monster Mansion Match
  • Sushi Slicer

6) Kindergarten Word Games:

  • Letter, and Number Tracking
  • Monster Mansion- Alphabet Matching
  • Fuzz Bugs Farm- Consonant Blends
  • Henry and the Sugarbugs- Storybook
  • Keyboarding Zoo
  • Keyboarding Zoo 2
  • Letter & Number Tracing
  • Lilly, the Wild Cat- Storybook
  • Make a Word Search Jr
  • Marvin & Sweetie- Storybook
  • Marvin Makes Music- Storybook

ABCya Games of the Week:

ABCya Games of the week will display the best games of the week by categorizing them using most played games of the week. Every week the list of games published by ABCya Games of the week will be changed so that you can find the best game for your kid. Halloween Crossword Puzzle is one among the top games in the list of ABCya Games of the week as most of the kids were encouraged to play this game. Check out your loving game from ABCya games of the week and provide a great fun to your children.

Download ABCya Games for  Android and iPhone/iPad:

If you are not willing to play ABCya Games on the desktop then get it downloaded for Android and iPhone/ iPad. Download and installation of ABCya games are possible only when you have enough space on your device. Google Play Store and App Store are the sources where you can download ABCya Games. Once you download ACBya games app on your smartphone/ tablet, then you need to choose a subscription for the month. The subscription will be auto-renewed unless it is turned off.


ABCya games is a certified KidSAFE seal program which has proven approval as it is children friendly technology. Check out the official website of ABCya games i.e for more Kindergarten games. Contact us if you are looking for more information regarding ABCya games by commenting below.

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