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Run 3 Game : Play Run 3 Games Online For Free

Run 3 Game is the latest sequel to the popular action game series ‘Run’. It is a flash game available on Google Play Store and is one of their select action games. Developed by an American Indie developer, Joseph Cloutier, Run 3 is a seemingly addictive action packed endless runner type game. Run 3 is a series of action/ runner type of platform games. This running game features alien characters and their journey through space. Run series has released three games till date Run, Run 2 and Run3. Run 3 being the latest and most popular among the series.

The Latest Sequel- Run 3 Game:

Run 3 is the latest sequel in the Run series. The game starts with a little gray alien who trespasses into a prohibited zone in space. This area is architecturally challenged with lots of dangerous holes and crumpling tiles.

This 3D game is quite easy to play. The intergalactic tunnel is filled with a series of obstacles, dangerous holes and a number of other challenges ready to overcome, while collecting gold and coins and other powerups along the way. This game increases your concentration and composure as your alien maneuvers through the tunnel jumping, climbing, leaping and rolling in time to avoid dangers. Completing levels in this game unlocks a number of new alien characters with advanced abilities to help you survive through your journey in space.

There are two modes in run 3 the explore mode and the infinite mode. The explore mode is a level based game mode where you go through the story by completing levels and unlocking characters. The infinite mode is an endless run where you finish as many levels as possible in a row.

Characters In Run 3 Game:

As you go on unlocking levels in Run 3, you unlock a number of new characters. There are a total of 14 different alien characters in Run 3.


  • Runner: the runner is the principal character of Run 3. She is a default character and doesn’t need unlocking. Runner appears in all the 3 Run games. Her goal is to explore the space tunnel thoroughly and marking them on the galaxy map. Runner has no special ability but she has modest running skills and with perfect controls runner can beat almost all of the game levels.
  • Skater:  Skater and Ice Skater are two unlockable characters in the run series. Skater is a male alien and he runs faster when fail to complete a level. Skater can be unlocked by completing level 10 or by spending 300 Power cells in the shop.


Ice Skater is another male alien and he has the ability to strafe quickly on ice. Ice skater can be unlocked on completion of the winter games or by spending 500 Power cells in the shop.

  • Angel: angel has very expectations of himself. He considers himself as the hero while belittling everyone he comes across. He can jump while being airborne to gain speed boost and he also claims to know why the tunnels are for. Angel can be bought from the shop by spending 12000 power cells.
  • Pastafarian:  Pastafarian is a female alien species. She is a priestess in the church of the flying spaghetti monster. She has the ability to run 3 game on the light bridge and she can also run quite fast while on the light bridge. Pastafarian can be bought on the shop by spending 6000 power cells.
  • Child: child is another male alien. He carries a water balloon with him. This balloon helps him float while he also splashes people with water filled in the balloon. With Child crumbling tiles collapse only when he jumps from them and after consecutive jumps his jump height increases by 10%.
  • Duplicator: Duplicator is the father of Child. He has the ability to let duplicates emerge from his body. He can be bought from the shop by spending 6000 cells.

There are also a number of other interesting characters in this game including Lizard, Bunny, and Jack-o-lantern, skier, pirate and ghost.

Run 3 Game Features:

  • Variety of options to choose. Run 3 game, jump or change gravity to help you survive.
  • Unlock a variety of alien characters with special abilities through the game by completing levels or spending money in the shop.
  • High quality 3D graphics combined with a cartoon style for better gameplay.
  • Easy control make the games suitable for any age group.


Run and jump without falling for dangers. Download run 3 game today and control your little alien through his journey in the space!

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