Essential climbing equipment toy need to have

It is possible that the first time you enter a shop of climbing equipment you will be overwhelmed by the amount and the number of different equipment. In this article we will briefly describe the most important material you will need when you start climbing. Click here for Climbing Helmets hong kong.


If you plan to practice sport or classic climbing, you will soon need a harness. As in cat’s feet, the selection is very wide and depends a little on what your plans are. You may not need the lightest harness on the market as a beginner It is best to choose a comfortable one, with which you can secure or hang for a long time without having the feeling that the harness cuts your thighs or hips. Another parameter to consider is if you want a harness with adjustable legs. The advantage they offer is that you can adjust them depending on the clothes you are wearing (or if you want to lend it to a friend). Visit this site for Belay Devices hong kong.

Magnesium and magnesium bags

Magnesium (fine powder of magnesium carbonate) is used as a drying agent to minimize the perspiration of your hands in virtually all modes of scale. It is usually purchased in plastic bags and inserted into your magnesium bag. The magnesium bags are usually tied at the waist (or hooked to the harness) in sports or traditional climbing, or left on the ground when practicing bouldering. Some climbing walls do not allow the use of “powdered magnesium” and recommend magnesium balls (magnesium goes inside a cloth) or liquid magnesium (magnesium mixed with a very volatile liquid that your hands apply). Magnesium balls of all colors and sizes can be found.

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If you plan to rock climb, you should consider buying a climbing helmet to protect yourself from the possible fall of stones or equipment, or from injuries from the head crash against the rock in a fall. We hope you never need it, but depending on the quality of the rock and if you venture on tracks of several lengths, we recommend that you use one, both when climbing and insuring.

Express tapes

Express tapes are formed by two carabiners joined by a woven ribbon and are used to pass your rope through pre-installed protections, for example, parabolts or “badges”. They are mainly used in sport climbing. Often, the textile tape is provided with a small rubber that keeps one of the carabiners still to facilitate the passage of the rope, while the other carabiner (“plated” in the safety) can move freely. There are expresses of different shapes, sizes and colors, with ribbons of different lengths to meet different requirements while scaling. As a beginner, it will be enough for you to have an express game (depending on your climbing area and the height of the tracks,

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