GTA V Tips and Tricks Many Ignore

Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) is so massive that you can waste more than hundreds of hours by just ignoring the entire story and enjoy a lot of side missions and activities that you can take part in.

The open-world crime game is perfect for easing you in, however, it does not tell you everything you want to know, so with some advice from the developer themselves, Rockstar Games, here are some basic tips and tricks guide that will help you create the most of your stay in Los Santos and in the Blaine County which are both massive.

Thanks to Rockstar Games, it sold more than a million copies around the world and earned them $800-million in terms of revenue on the first day of its release.

More than that, the game received tremendous praises and positive reviews from both gamers and gaming critics and fast forward to 2019, peoples still enjoy the game through its massive online multiplayer game. Unlike the offline version, the GTA V online enables the player to do whatever they want and create their own storyline even playing with gta 5 ios.

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  • Explore the vast open world from the beginning- Though the entire map will not fill up until you visit each place in the game, nothing can prevent you from seeing all of the 49-square miles at the beginning of the game, by either driving a car, riding a bike, or pilot a plane or a helicopter, it is up to you to explore the entire game’s map and see side missions, quests, and other hidden secrets that only you can uncover.
  • Scroll through your contact list after every mission- Whenever you finished or completed a mission, try going through your contact list in your phone and ring up anyone that you saw or talked to during that particular mission because they might have something to add like side missions or grab some rewards from them for completing the mission.
  • Your phone in-game is useful than you think it is- Aside from emergency services that are already on the phone, you can use it for a taxi service and other stuff, however, be careful though because each service that you contacted will be charged with your current money.
  • Play as your favorite character- The new feature which is a swapping mechanic lets you switch between the three main characters of the game, you can either play between Franklin, Michael, or Trevor at any time of the game. Whenever you swap out of in each guy into another, there is a short cut scene that will show you what the character is up to, in order to guide you the direction of the missions that you have to complete.
  • Chop, the dog is very useful- The in-game dog, Chop is indeed a testament of a man’s true best friend because he can sniff anything that you want to find and they can even kill people just by pointing the crosshair to the target where Chop will immediately attack them without hesitation, but be careful though because military and police will not back off with a dog, so choose your targets wisely.
  • Discover Franklin’s special abilities- During the game, you will slowly discover that Franklin is not just an ace when it comes to vehicles. He is also good in shooting enemies while driving since he also has the ability to slow down the time which gives him the edge in a highway chase.
  • You can max out all the stats early- If you want to gain an advantage in the entire game, you can max out all of your character’s abilities such as their strength, their flying skills, and even their stamina by frequently using their stats to improve it in a short span of time such as running, swimming, punching people, and shooting as well.

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