Predicting World Cup 2018 At GoWin

The number of people waiting for 2018 world cup are in a very large number. The tournaments are going to begin within a couple of weeks. During last December’s draw in Moscow, England was placed in group E and are going to pit their wits against the Belgium, Tunisia as well as Panama for an expected place in the stages of knockout.

The 2018 World Cup draw was just about right that enough mouth-watering meetings to make groups compelling while handling most of the big hitter’s ample opportunity to get to the latter rounds, when expected some of the best players to face off on the football’s greatest stage.


The breakdown of eight groups for the tournament are as follows, which will begin with Russia vs Saudi Arabia at the Luzhniki Stadium in the capital of June 14.

  • Group A

Saudi Arabia, Russia, Egypt, Uruguay

  • Group B

Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Iran

  • Group C

France, Peru, Australia, Denmark

  • Group D

Argentina, Iceland, Nigeria, Croatia

  • Group E

Costa Rica, Brazil, Switzerland, Serbia

  • Group F

Mexico, Germany, Sweden, South Korea

  • Group G

Belgium, Panama, England, Tunisia

  • Group H

Senegal, Poland, Colombia, Japan

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Odds and Predictions at GoWin casino

People normally think about which team to support in world cup and place an outright bet right now? Uruguay is a decent choice predicted by the GoWin casino. The odds Uruguay world cup 2018 gowin performance will surpass those of other teams is around 25 / 1 today.

That’s normally high percentage as compared to other teams, but then also it offers a fair winning side potential, unlike the bets on other favorite teams.

Uruguay started really good in the world cup qualifiers they actually ended up second in the South American confederation, below Brazil but in a higher place than Argentina. But it was not a thing to be surprised as this team has actually won the World Cup twice before in the history of event. The last time they rose to fame was in 1950.

Could they shock every one and the whole world and repeat their historical success this year? The predictions on Uruguay winning World Cup are not as low as people are thinking.

It’s the 14th time Uruguay participates in the FIFA World Cup. The real odds on this team is to win World Cup 2018 are difficult to predict but by keeping in mind their past endeavors it can be said that they can shed they do shed some light on the subject.

In 2014, this team managed to reach the group 16 before getting served by Colombia. In 2010, they actually finished in fourth place.


According to the odds and predictions made by GoWin the team today looks just as strong as well, so it seems that the betting odds Uruguay to win World Cup 2018 aren’t too far off.

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