PurchaseCSGO Prime Accounts At Affordable Rates Now!

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game is loved by millions of people around the world. They do not only love this game as it lets you play with your friends in the multiplayer mode, but they also love it due to its extra features, ranking system, and enhanced weaponry. If you have a high rank you get added advantages in the game like exclusive gifts, weapons, skins and more. Moreover, if you have CSGO Prime Accounts then you can enjoy even more added benefits that only prime users can get. With a prime account, you also get the ability to get matched with other prime players during the matchmaking process. This ensures better gameplay and a more exciting experience.

PurchaseCSGO Prime Accounts At Affordable Rates Now!

How can you get a prime account in CS: GO?

Getting a prime account in CS: GO can be simply done by different methods. The very first method is to play the game regularly, work hard, improve your skills and become a pro-level player in the game. This will help you reach private ranking 21 after which you will be able to automatically get the Prime status for your account. If hard work is not your piece of cake then you can simply purchase the prime status through the in-game purchases or the steam store. You can easily choose whether to earn the status through hard work or by purchasing it.

What is the other way to get a prime status by purchasing a prime account?

If you do not want to work hard to earn prime status but also do not have sufficient funds for purchasing it, then there is one more way to get prime without any hard work at a cheap price. You can simply buy accounts that already have purchased or earned the prime status at extremely affordable rates. This will not only let you enjoy the prime benefits without any hassles but also make sure that you do not have to burn a hole in your pocket. There are two types of CSGO Prime Accounts that you can purchase from the online store.

  • Prime Ranked Accounts: You can get the prime membership without private ranking 21 or more.
  • Private Ranked 21+ Accounts: You can get the prime membership along with private rank 21+ to make it seem more legit.

So, go ahead and get the prime membership in CS: GO now!

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