Why Would You Want to Download Apex Legends?

Who relates to sitting with a group of your friends and having a long gaming session? You would agree when I say that those sessions are always more fun with battleground royale games (cough, *PUBG*, cough). Apex Legends is a game, similar to the lines of Fortnite minus the dancing. However, why would you want to download Apex legends when you are already enjoying Fortnite?

  • When you download Apex legends, you would be thinking that it is the normal battleground royale shouting commands at your microphone or sitting next to someone rolling your eyes at the person cursing at his microphone. But you are absolutely wrong – Apex Legends has employed the ping system so that groups of strangers can communicate easily during the gaming session. All you need to do is ping the object or place that you want to give information about and your teammates will get the full data about that particular place/object without you having to explain it over the microphone. There are other techniques to convey other details that you want to, to your team.
  • Before an Apex legends download, you have only known one way to land – discuss with the team and go through with it. After the download, you will be pleasantly surprised by the jumpmaster. Apex Legends randomly aligns players in each team every time they log in and the third player is assigned the role of jumpmaster. Where the jumpmaster says to land, the whole team does. It is, of course, possible to land separately but people who want to stick with their team, find this technique an easy way to stay with their group. You can pick your landing place without any voice commands. Apex Legends seems to have really done away with the rule which says “only those who have microphones will conquer video games”.

Download Apex Legends?

  • Are you tired of having to remember which gun uses which ammo? It is time for you to celebrate and get on with the Apex Legends download because another feature of Apex Legends that has been widely appreciated by audience all the world is that guns are coloured the same as their ammo. Therefore, you would know that ammo for the red shotguns would be stored in a red chest.
  • What happens to the loot of the defeated? When they drop it, the boxes or chests start glowing according to the items inside it. How would this feature help you? You will know exactly how rare the contents are – if you are in no need of common items, you can just bypass the box. This also brings on a lot of competition but well, you always have to fight for the stuff that you really want.

Apex Legends has literally brought around a revolution in battle royale games because of its easy rules – so that anyone worthy can win, whether they have a microphone or not. Before I end, I wish you a successful run in Apex Legends, players.

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